Do’s And Don’ts About Handmade Area Rugs

Do's And Don'ts About Handmade Area Rugs
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Nowadays, many people use handmade area rugs as an alternative to tapestries, especially since they can be easily removed for cleaning, making them easier to clean. Plus, they require less commitment, making it easier to replace them with new ones when you get bored or suddenly decide to refresh. However, when it comes to using handmade area rugs in your home, there are some important rules you should pay attention to.

Before buying handmade area rugs, check out the do’s and don’ts when using them to decorate your home:

Things to remember (Do’s)

Spend Less Time Figuring Out The Size

Buy a rug big enough to fit both the table and chairs, ensuring chairs stay on the rug even when pulled from the table.

When choosing handmade area rugs, it extends to your bottom furniture. If this is not possible, spread the front legs of the upholstery fabric on the carpet and put the back legs aside. Purchase a rug large enough to accommodate the table and chairs in the dining area, and ensure that the chairs remain on the rug even if they are pulled away from the table.

Cover Empty Areas of Your Home

Busy areas of your home should be completely covered with the handmade area rugs you choose, which means people passing by will not lift one foot off the mat and go somewhere else. Walking around uneven areas can be uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and can ultimately lead to strange patterns on your floors and carpets.

Know the Size

Before selecting the perfect rug for your room, it’s essential to understand the different sizes of area rugs available. Choosing the right size can greatly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. When installing your handmade area rugs, you should ideally be able to leave the same space on all sides; this can be eight to twenty-four inches long on each side. For large areas, eighteen inches is the most common measurement. On the other hand, eight inches is sufficient for small spaces. Make sure the rug is in the middle of the room!

Learn How to Clean Handmade Area Rugs

Before purchasing an area rug, be sure to check the cleaning instructions. Natural carpets such as jute and sisal are cheaper options, so they cannot be cleaned, but if there is serious damage, the carpet must be replaced. If you want to get more bang for your buck, consider your budget and research other options before deciding on one.

Things to remember (Don’ts)

Spend Less Time Calculating Sizes

Buying a size that’s too small is the most common mistake people make. This is understandable, especially since larger ones tend to be more expensive. However, handmade area rugs play an important role in decorating your home. It’s better to spend money on a great rug now rather than replacing it with a useless one later. It is also a cheaper alternative to tapestries.

Avoid Bold Colours and Patterns

When shopping for an area rug, don't shy away from colour and pattern.

These are a great way to add some fun and quirk to a room when decorating it. When shopping for an area rug, don’t shy away from colour and pattern. Because they are inexpensive, they can easily be replaced after a few years if needed. Don’t miss our comprehensive “Rug Color Guide” blog to unlock the secrets of choosing the perfect rug hue for your space. Discover how colors can transform your room’s ambiance and reflect your unique style.

Put Your Best Rug in a Dangerous Area

It can be tempting to put an expensive rug in a focal area of ​​the house, like the dining room. However, doing so would be more dangerous for the use of information as more accidents and incidents occur in the restaurant. Although it is easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpets, some stains on carpets can be difficult to remove.

This also works well in busy areas of your home, such as places where your children or pets often congregate. If this is good, it is best to choose an option that is easy to clean and inexpensive.

Don’t Leave it Alone

Handmade area rugs complement the furniture and attract the attention of the whole group. As I said above, you should not buy a very small carpet and place it next to your furniture or under a small area of ​​the rug. Doing this will distract the person responsible for the carpet and other furnishings and create a cluttered atmosphere. A small cloth next to it will also distort the proportions. For example, you should not put a carpet on your bed. It’s starting to look like a weird floor mat instead, follow the principles above and use large rugs to surround the bed and some areas around it.

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Don’t Match Exactly

You want all the pieces of the room to work well together, but you shouldn’t match the pattern 100%. The rug may have the same pattern or colour as the chairs or fabric; it merely consolidates the material into an amorphous drop. However, you can increase the beauty of the room if you differentiate the rug from other elements by using different repeating patterns, and different colours, or by introducing new models. You should still keep the theme and colours in mind, but that doesn’t mean doing everything differently.

Don’t forget to Adopt

Consider how your rug's pattern complements your furniture for a cohesive room ambiance.

Your room will feel better if you think about how the pattern of your rug will harmonize with your furniture. If your rug design has an important theme, you don’t want to cover it up and lose its appeal. You can avoid distorting the view by placing a transparent piece of furniture, such as a thin-steeled coffee cup, on it. If your rug has a repeating pattern, you can see its mystery because no visuality will be lost.

Embrace the allure of handmade area rugs, a delightful and cost-effective means to enliven any room. The thought of maintenance might flicker briefly, but fear not, for these rugs are notably low-maintenance and present a more flexible commitment.


As you embark on the exciting quest to find the rug that harmonizes with your home, rest assured that your search ends here! Whether you seek a rug that exudes elegance or one that embraces a bohemian charm, our extensive collection guarantees a rug that will resonate with your taste and elevate your living space. Reach out to us and let’s dive into this journey of enhancing your living space with the perfect area rug. Let us be your guide to a home adorned with a rug that encapsulates your style and complements your ambience flawlessly!
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