Rug Guide: Different Area Rug Sizes 

Different Area Rug Sizes 
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Are you considering changing the décor of your room? If so, adding an area rug is the best and easiest way to beautify your room. The lovely selection of area rugs will enhance the design of your room. Therefore, putting in a lovely area rug will give your space the new feel you desire. Rugs are the greatest and most cost-effective approach to accentuating aesthetics in your home. According to your needs and requirements, area rugs come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours, patterns, and designs. Your property will gain value as a result of these affordable and attractive floor coverings and area rugs. To help you find your ideal rug, we’ve come up with an area rug sizes guide. Let’s dive in!

What are the area rug sizes?

It only takes a few inches to select the ideal carpet. The appropriate size rug may tie your décor together and give your space a polished appearance, whether it’s a huge area rug or a little accent rug. This style guide offers suggestions for selecting room-appropriate rug sizes. Find out how to position the right-sized rug in your house for the greatest look and performance.

Area rugs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet all of your needs. The first thing that comes to mind is selecting the ideal rug for the space while keeping in mind your personal preferences.

You must first determine the size of the floor space in the rooms where you want to lay an area rug. This will enable you to choose the appropriate rug size. You don’t want to install a huge floor covering in a tiny area since it will either simply not fit or take up the entire space. The theme/color, style, and shape of each room should then be decided.

Let’s dive into how to choose the perfect area rug sizes.

Prior to beginning your internet search for area rugs, get out the measuring tape. The size of the rug will depend on factors like overhanging sideboards, doors, etc., so you must have the space dimensions on hand in advance. You can move on to the following step once this has been taken care of.

Living room

The living room, where you may host guests and gather with family, is the heart of your house. Choosing the right area rug is crucial to enhance the overall ambiance. A huge area rug that is roomy enough to fit furniture throughout its length without crowding is suggested for large rooms. Additionally, using two carpets in bigger spaces is not unheard of. For a more cohesive look, consider placing a smaller rug with the front legs of the furniture resting on the carpet, especially if the seating is against the wall. When dealing with a small living room, opt for a smaller rug that accommodates the coffee table and fits the area better. It’s essential to choose rugs that complement the room’s attractive flooring, like wood, leaving at least eight inches of the wood exposed to create a balanced aesthetic. To find the perfect fit, search for “choose rug for living room” to gather more specific ideas and inspiration.

Dining room

The flooring in the area where you eat and connect with family must be carefully picked. The rug needs to be large enough to cover all the chairs when they are sitting as well as when a chair is pulled out from beneath the table. Selecting a carpet whose area extends approximately two feet past either side of the table is wise.

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Entrance of the house

A wool runner is a classy touch for tiny halls and corridors. The Atlantis hand-knotted wool runners are excellent choices. They are made by experienced craftsmen and are available in classic designs and brilliant hues. 

These works of art are unparalleled in a high-traffic area since they are strong and elegant. Keep in mind that darker hues work better because there are more footfalls. A rug’s center alignment is not always required. Place a lovely console beside it, leaning against the wall, while you slide the runner to one side of the hallway.


The bed will naturally be the centre of attention and take up the most space in the bedroom. So instead of choosing a large area rug for the room, choose many smaller dhurries that won’t be tucked beneath the bed. The room will appear cosy with an area rug at the foot of the bed and two runners on either side, or with a number of smaller rugs dispersed around the open area. However, if you insist on having a rug that fits under the bed, it should either stretch outward on both ends or around the entire bed by about three feet. 

Study room

To maintain an environment free from distractions when studying, you must pay close attention. So, choose carpets with organic abstract designs and solid colors to help create a calm environment for studying. These patterns may be spread out on the floor to create a distraction-free space where you can catch up on reading or schedule meetings.

You won’t need to call an expert if you have this thorough rug size guide and a breakdown of rug sizes for each key room in your house. No matter how striking the pattern is, keep in mind that the size of your area rug will determine how it appears in the room. Therefore, the next time you get a rug, measure it precisely and keep the advice in mind to make the procedure go smoothly.

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