Rug Colour Guide: How to choose the Ideal Colour for Your Rug

Rug Colour
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Your rug can make or break your place. The interior design affects the atmosphere of a room. This is why choosing an area rug requires precision and care. One of the biggest questions is- what kind of colour should you get? As the colour of your rug is an integral matter. So, for those of you who are struggling with this decision, we are here to help you out. This article has our top pieces of advice about how to choose a rug colour that’s timeless, practical, and looks good.

Picking the Right Rug Color

Room Size

The size of the room you are working with can be our guiding post. It is a feature that can impact what colour rug you should choose. Appreciating the symphony between room colour and room size is the key to a well-laid room. It will help you better understand how to choose a rug colour.

By choosing the right colours you can create an illusion of having more space in a small room. Natural-toned rugs are ideal for this. As well as being timeless, they complement both modern and bohemian environments. For a more spacious illusion, explore colours like cream or beige.

In contrast, a bigger room will be a rug to add definition to it. Dark rugs are ideal for drawing attention to a focal point in an open space. Dark, rich colour palettes are becoming increasingly popular as people desire more open, sociable living spaces. You can go for blue! after all, it is the colour of the moment. It adds a good definition to the room.


Won’t it be much easier if you could use your existing environment as an anchor for your rug design? Usually, interior designers use ‘start with the rug’ to help you anchor your room’s style, theme, and décor. Well, it is not possible for everyone. But, if you have the luxury of doing this- spot on!

However, many people already have their walls painted and furniture set. So why not choose your rug according to your already set ambiance.

If you insist on match-making, you might not reach any proper outcome. Instead, find a rug with colours that complement your existing decor.

Now, the question is, Should the colours of your wall and rug match? Well, it is not a compulsion. If your rug is the same colour as your walls it can get a little too much and confusing. The rug should, however, complement or share the same tones as your walls to create an overall effect that is cohesive and stylish.

You can also go for monochrome. You can use grey or black for your existing surroundings.

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Using an area rug to fill your space, the colour of your rug will influence the atmosphere of the entire room. Let us categorize the colour in two parts- passive and dominant. The atmosphere is a crucial element to consider while you are choosing the colour of your area rug.

  • Dark and natural colours work well to create a cozy living room. Intimacy is enhanced by natural tones and dark colours.
  • But, if you want to achieve a light and airy room look then natural light coloured rugs are the best option.
  • For a sunny and bright room- use cool coloured rugs to give out serenity and calmness
  • Sage green and pastel blue rugs would be ideal for creating a calm environment.
  • Yellow, orange, and red rugs, on the other hand, instantly add warmth to any room.
  • Art-deco living spaces work well with multicoloured, patterned rugs. A vibrant and colorful rug conveys life and fun to an environment, making it feel upbeat and fun.

Unique Style

Let us now emphasize the importance of one’s unique touch. Designs and colours contrast that portray your individuality.

Every now and then new colour pallets and interior designs are introduced in the market. So, when you want to buy, just come up with a style that is your all-time unique taste and colour that suit long term purpose. Often called a room’s focal point, area rugs have a powerful role in dictating its look. Choosing the right rug colour will reflect your style.

One day might want to buy a rug for a kid’s room. For a kid’s room. keep in mind their favorite colour and a design that adds vibrance to the room. You might also want to pay attention to the cleaning process as rugs from the kids’ rooms can get dirty too early. Over time the child’s preference can change you will be better off choosing a small carpet. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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