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how to clean rug - rug care
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To keep your rugs clean all day long and life-long, you found the right place. Having a dirty floor can not only make your home look unclean but also make it unsanitary.

For example- You have a dog/puppy and it peed on your rug, what now? You spill your morning coffee on the rug, what now? You need proper vacuuming of your house.

Keeping track of a few things is important

As we all know rugs add to your ambiance and decor but rugs also attract a lot of dust being in the same place for long hours.

Mold spores, pollen grains, and mold dust mites are present on carpet fibers, according to a study.

The tips mentioned down below will educate you about how to clean like a professional

Make Vacuum unforgettable

  • Such a common and known-to-all tip but it is the most forgotten one. Remember to vacuum your rug at least once a week to collect any dirt, dust, and debris. With regular vacuuming, no dirt will sweep in, making it difficult to remove in the future.
  • But before you start vacuuming, give your rug a little shake so on lose all the caught-up dust in the fibers.
  • To avoid damaging your rub, use only suction with a nozzle attached to such away from dust, not too much pressure.
  • Keeping rugs free of fleas, etc., requires sprinkling antibacterial powder on them. Be careful when applying the powder as it can damage the rug.
  • Always broom the underside of your rug and also vacuum it.
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Eliminate spills immediately

  • Do not be lazy folks! Don’t! As soon as your spill hits the rug, run. Clean it up, soak the rug the avoid deeper penetration.
  • Dampen a white, cotton cloth and blot the affected area – be careful not to rub as this can damage the rug’s surface. Keep repeating and soaking all the liquid.
  • It usually takes 2-3 hours to dry and after that, you can put it in its original place.

Remove stains

  • Manmade fibers are among the most repellent, while nylon rugs can use steam cleaning. Some of the rugs are easier to clean compared to others.
  • You can quit your rubbing and beating. Mix white wine vinegar washup liquid and warm water to remove stains like red wine, coffee, and mud. The best method to deal with mud is to let it dry and then vacuum it out before cleaning.

Go for a washable rug

  • To save you from hassle, buy rugs that are machine washable. Buy easy-to-clean materials for rugs as well as door mats that are durable for a longer time.

Protect from pets and Guests

  • Well, let us be a little mean here. Not all the guests that come to your house will be as responsible as you. So, you gotta watch out for them. Slight negligence can damage your pretty little rug.
  • And about the precious pets, choose a rug that is suitable for your pets.
  • You might want to look for a slender pile rug in dark colors to conceal any chew marks or scratches.


Apart from these five self-cleaning tips, hire a professional cleaner every year. You can buy a rug online and get the services of cleaning and maintenance along with it. These are some of the advantages of buying rugs online.

So, if you are considering buying a rug, know the steps to clean them first. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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