Clean and Care Instructions for Your Precious Rugs

Clean and Care Instructions for Your Precious Rugs
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A well-chosen carpet can really change the atmosphere of a room, but maintaining it in pristine condition can be difficult. Here is a thorough tutorial on how to clean rugs at home to save you the trouble. A carpet adds far more to your home than just its appearance and character. It now serves a more practical purpose, which is the reason it is becoming ever more common in urban households.

Let’s get started with the part which you’ve all probably been eagerly anticipating: The Detailed Carpet Cleaning Guide.

Be careful that the type of cleaning technique you eventually implement will depend on the type of carpet you have. Synthetic or natural fibres; it’s colour; its style; its weave; how often you use it; how much traffic it receives; how the homeowners live, etc.

How to clean rugs at home using a steam cleaner/vacuum cleaner?

Bacteria, dust, germs, and other tiny particles that are impossible to see with the naked eye are frequently trapped in carpet fibres. However, the good news is that there are two effective carpet cleaning techniques you can use to completely get rid of them from your home:

Steam cleaning – One of the greatest carpet cleaning techniques- steam cleaning – involves only hot water vapour and no chemicals. Steam mopping kills germs as well as other pests like fleas and dust mites. Combine frequent vacuuming with steam mopping for the best results on your carpet, which will 98% lower the amount of dust and viruses.

Vacuum cleaning – You can remove only dry dust and food scraps from the surface of the carpet by vacuuming. Slow, back and forth sweeps with repeated strokes are required. By doing this, the dry soil in the rug is eliminated to a degree of almost 85%. It is advised that you engage professional cleaning services at least once a year and vacuum your home at least twice a week.

Dry methods: How to clean rugs at home without using a carpet cleaner?

Don’t worry if you prefer using homemade cures and don’t like to spend a lot of money on bulky cleaning supplies. There are a few quick and effective ways you can clean carpets on your own. Several of these include:

Placing and beating in the upside-down position – Place your carpet upside down outside and beat the excess dirt out of it with a hand and paddle. Then shift it to a new place and repeat the process until there is no more dirt falling out of it onto the floor.
A dustpan and a brush with strong bristles.
To get rid of pet hair from your carpet’s most noticeable regions, use a lint brush or packaging tape.

Wet methods: How to clean rugs at home by hand or without using a machine?

A scrub brush, a mixture of white vinegar and warm water

Before using a soft cloth to dab the carpet and blot the excess moisture. Dip the scrub brush into the solution and massage it into the carpet fibres thoroughly without wetting the carpet entirely

Ammonia and a lukewarm water mixture

Spray the solution over the carpet and wait two to three minutes. Then wipe the area with a soft white towel. Use it only on carpets made of natural fibres as it is highly alkaline and could damage the surface of the carpet. Otherwise, use a mix of water and window cleaner.

To remove fresh, sticky, and moist stains

Use club soda or ice cubes and a highly absorbent cloth. To prevent the stain from settling in, dab the area with a soft, very absorbent cloth before wiping it clean with a new cloth.

Mild dish soap/cornstarch/baking soda/table salt, and warm water mixture to remove any stains.

First, vacuum the area to get rid of any solid debris. Then, cover the greasy or oily stain with baking soda or mild dish detergent and warm water. Blot it gently with an old toothbrush until bubbles appear. Wait a few minutes, then use a fan to dry the carpet before vacuuming it once more

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How to rinse a carpet at home?

Carpets made of cotton or synthetic fibres can be washed in a washing machine on a slow cycle. Natural fibre carpets, on the other hand, must be spot cleaned with mild dish soap, warm water, and a sponge, followed by rinsing. By this point, you can prevent a typical mistake by not over-shampooing or wetting.

The next step is to let your carpet dry outside in the sun to get rid of any remaining germs, viruses, or mites. It may lose its shape if you hang it on a rack, so lay it flat on the ground instead. Additionally, keep in mind to rotate or move it periodically to guarantee that every location has dried equally. At this point, you can prevent a typical error by not setting your furniture on damp carpet.

How to clean a light-coloured rug at home?

White or light-colored carpets look just as lovely and clean in your house as carpets that are deeper in colour. Although, they require a little more upkeep because they tend to draw more dirt and stains and eventually lose their original colour from constant use.

In addition to weekly dry vacuuming, we advise leaving the deep cleaning of your rugs to a carpet cleaning business. By doing so, you can keep issues like the ones stated above at bay and restore your rug’s pristine new appearance.

Keep carpets clean by considering type, color, and usage. Use steam cleaning or vacuuming. DIY methods include beating, brushing, or using solutions like vinegar-water or club soda. Machine-wash synthetics, spot-clean naturals, and dry evenly. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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