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Rug for your Living Room
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Rugs are an amazing way to enhance the appearance of any room. They are best for raising your bedroom’s decor and creating a safe place to play for your children. However, they are an attractive asset solely if some key elements are taken into consideration. We have listed down the key factors to consider while choosing a Rug for Living Room. 

Following are some ideas to consider when selecting a rug for living room.


Yes, Size matters, at least when deciding on a good rug. One of the most common mistakes made is deciding on a rug that is too small for the room. Such rugs are usually identified as postage-stamp-size rugs. Rugs commonly come in three dimensions; 6×9 feet, 8×10 feet and 9×12 feet. These are sizes that you typically get in every store. Although, if these dimensions don’t suit your needs, you can get one customized rug made. It may cost you a little more, particularly if you go for a high-priced fabric. 


Rectangular-formed rugs are standard. It is the general design for all rugs that you will find in the market. However, since the early 80s, different shapes have also made their way into the rug market. Oval and round shapes are the most common you find in the markets other than rectangular. For example, if you have a round-fashioned eating or coffee table, a round rug will be the best fit. For children, you can find rugs in a variety of shapes, which suits their room best.

Color and Pattern

While selecting a rug, make sure that the color scheme compliments the room. You can either go for a patterned carpet or a bright shade rug. A patterned carpet will add a little color complexity to a neutral-colored room. On the other hand, a stable colored rug will add some stability to an aesthetically resonating room. One advantage of a patterned carpet is that spills and filth don’t stain it that easily. If you choose a solid-colored rug for a neutral room, make the colors cheerful so that they don’t combat each other. Another element that should be kept in mind is that the floor and the carpet shouldn’t contrast each other.


A rug in your room promotes two senses; sight and touch. While a carpet has to be attractive to the eyes, it should also feel soft or smooth to the touch. Also, every material will go well in an exclusive environment. For eg, Wool is your fabric if you are into a gentle heat contact. 

If cool surfaces are for you, then go for jute. Acrylic, Polypropylene and Viscose are artificial substances blended with herbal threads for higher toughness and maintenance.

Wool, Cotton, Jute and Sisal are herbal fibers, out of which Sisal is made for areas of heavy use.

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Before purchasing a rug, make sure it aesthetically fits your house decor. No matter how nicely constructed your house is, a contrasting rug would sense like a mess in your house. Another factor to consider is whether your design is enjoyable for people in that room. All of these elements will help you in finding the necessary sturdiness and sample for your rug.

Correct Timing

Choosing a rug before setting up everything else in the room can make all the difference. It all depends on what you would like to be the center of attraction in the room. If you picture a rug to be the star, then choose it first and build the space around it. Otherwise, make the room first, add all your decor, and determine what rug fits the indoors best. 

Consider Flooring

Your floor acts as a stage for your rug. It is the platform on which you design to create your painting. Make sure that the colorations and the sample do not distinguish the ground beneath. You can go for a rug that flawlessly matches the flooring texture and color. Otherwise, you can do the contrary and use a carpet exclusive in coloration and complementing the floor. In the end, make sure that it binds the complete room together.

Think of your Neighbours

If you don’t stay in the suburbs and have a condominium building, you may be sharing a wall with your neighbors after you and under you. Considering their benefit, you may favor going for a rug that absorbs the sound of your stamping feet. This is additionally relevant to people with duplexes. A plush woolen carpet is for you if you don’t choose the noise to rise from the rooms on the first floor to the second floor. 


As you can see above, there are a lot of factors to consider before buying a rug. It may appear a tedious job, however, following these factors will make sure that the rug that you are going to buy complements your rooms the best. Always remember to choose an easy-to-clean rug and which is made of the best material so you don’t have to hustle after buying one! Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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