Unique Ways to Use Door Mats at Home

unique ways to use door mats
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We frequently hear that everything in our home should serve a purpose because minimalism is currently popular. Of course, door mats are one of them and we need to decorate our house in a unique way to be different from others. They are incredibly useful tools designed to keep dirt and debris off of your flooring. Some of the door mats are designed to keep you at ease while you go about your day. The appearance and sensation of your residence can be unified when they are exquisitely created. So here we are listing some of the unique ways to use door mats for decorating your house creatively.  

We all know that carpets and floors are shielded from wear, moisture, and grime by door mats. They can be utilized in a variety of places, such as homes, workplaces, gardens and automobiles. Before you go for placing your mat at a specific place, you must consider several things in account such as the mat material, the mat size, the color, the appearance and also the design.

What to Buy

You must choose the location while considering mat-based decoration ideas for homes. Purchase materials like coir, rubber, etc. if it is for the outdoors. To use inside, pick cloth or any soft material. These may effectively clean the dirt off your shoes or feet while keeping the floor spotless and placing it in a unique location. You can also buy amazing custom rugs according to your location from some of the available online websites. 

unique ways to use door mats

Choose the Material

If you have decided what to buy or unique ways to use door mats, you must now think of the material of the mat to match your home design. Remember your inventive decorating ideas for your house with mats will be admired more. Modern rug materials or mat materials that are resistant to certain elements such as debris and sand may be wise. Choose rubber, coir, jute, bamboo, or these other materials to effectively remove all the grime and debris from your shoes and feet. These are some practical suggestions for using mats to decorate your home.

5 Creative Ways to Place Your Door Mats at Home

Once you have decided on the material and the location to place your doormat, you must now think of some creative and unique ways to use door mats for decorating your house to grab the visitor’s attention. Here, we have listed the 5 most unique ways to decorate your house with door mats. 

Outside the House Door

You may only have a front door if you live in an apartment. You most likely have a back door and a few side doors if you reside in a house. No matter how big your house is, every external door needs to have a mat. With a well-selected doormat, you may highlight your sense of elegance and hospitality at your entrance door in particular. Give guests a warm welcome and a spot to take off their shoes. They are also allowed to leave their shoes there if the weather is particularly muddy or damp. Your neighbors will enjoy not stumbling over your guests’ shoes in the corridor if you live in an apartment.

unique ways to use door mats

Inside the House Door

Larger dirt particles will be removed by exterior door mats, but your visitors will likely still have dirt on their shoes when they enter your house. Start the interior door mats. When guests enter your home, these door mats will keep your floors tidy and guard against slips and falls. door mats can also be used in this position to welcome visitors into your home. You can use the designed or customizable door mats inside the house as they rarely grab any dirt. The mat inside is more muted and possibly blends in better with your home’s decor.

At the Kitchen 

Anti-fatigue mats are great for kitchens. While you cook and clean, you won’t have to worry about tripping and hurting yourself and you’ll feel fantastic doing it! Simply place a cushioned mat by the washbasin to solve the problem. You could require more than a one-floor mat for your kitchen if it is larger. 

You can also use the door mats in the entire kitchen fixed at the bottom of the floor which is easy to clean. Make use of the chance to introduce your family and friends and to express yourself. The kitchen serves as the center of the house for many people. Pick a doormat that reflects that thought.

unique ways to use door mats

Place Below Plants

Any room can practically be given a breath of life and oxygen by plants. Many of you have different air purifier plants placed inside your house or you must be having small kitchen garden at your home. There are many custom door mats that you can place below your plants to give them a unique look. 

Use a big doormat for your indoor plants to increase your green thumb feelings. You can also use long grass door mats that have the appearance of grass to decorate your kitchen garden. These mats absorb the water spilled out of the pots while watering the plants. This is one of the best unique ways to use door mats inside your house. 

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Decorate it in your Living Room

Want to add a colorful accent to your rooms? The big mat is the epitome to give a unique accent to your living room. Pick one with vibrant colors, and it will add a touch of rustic character to your house. If you want to give your dining room or living room a peaceful appearance you can choose a light color door mats and place them inside the center table or beside the bed. The door mats used in the living room are not for absorbing dust so you can customize these door mats and use a soft material that will be used as a sitting couch. Your children or pets will find it comfy and stay on these mats without disturbing the whole house. 

unique ways to use door mats


These are some of the most unique ways to use door mats in your house. Remember that the material, appearance, size and location of the door mats together help in giving your house a beautiful and attractive appearance. If you have a child at home, consider choosing a playmat material that is safe and non-toxic. Therefore, by considering every factor in using a doormat to decorate your home uniquely, you will get a perfect match to lift your mood and grab the visitor’s attention at your home. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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