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Rug Guide and material
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Your bare floor is like a blank canvas to you. Would you like to give your bare floor a little zing? Your newly bought rug could do the trick. The material of your rug decides how durable it will be.

In the article, we have gathered information about all kinds of rug materials for you to choose from.

Wool Rugs: Reliable Quality

Wool has long been a preferable material. It feels cozy, rich, and familiar. The utterly luxurious texture of wool makes it perfect for barefoot lounging. Strong and quality wool fibers are crush resistant. So they’ll be fine to live in a house full of rowdy children and pets for decades. Lol.

Also, there are all types of wool rugs found in the market. Choose high resistant wool if you want easier cleaning and better functionality. Sheep have natural oils in their wool. These natural oils repel water, dust, and dirt. Therefore, a rug made from their wool will stay wide, plush, and multicolored in high-traffic areas.

No need to become sweaty beauty scrubbing rugs all day long.

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Polypropylene is an Affordable Wool

Polypropylene is a bit cheaper than wool. Although it has the same qualities such as being dense and alluring. But it isn’t as common as other rugs. It is extremely long-lasting, water-resistant, and easy to clean. It’s a smart rug material for the regular hostess or a modern household. With its comforting feel like wool, but its strength, polypropylene rugs can be used outside for cozy nights on the balcony.

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Cotton: Comfy & Breathable

Cotton is one of the most preferred rug materials. It creates a relaxed, natural look in your room. Cotton creates easygoing spaces in which to meditate or read a book, as it is crisp and classic. Rugs made of cotton are typically reversible, just like a picnic blanket in your living room. On the flip side of the cotton, the rug is still clean, which is why the busybodies can just turn it over. Even families on a budget can turn it over and prevent frequent rug changes due to stains. Cotton isn’t as efficient as wool, With time the fabric dye can fade away.

Silk Rugs: Dramatic and Enchanting

Silk is always associated with sophistication, softness, shimmer, and luxury. Silk is stuff to show off. It is a delicate material and highly decorative. However, maintaining the shine for a long period is a bit more difficult than other rug materials. 100% silk requires a lot of effort. Wool and silk fibers combined can produce rugs with the same dramatic look as silk while being more durable and easier to maintain.

Silk rugs can be your house’s glamour quotient.

Jute and Sisal Rugs

Jute and sisal are beautiful yet durable rugs. For bare feet, the thick, woven piles feel like a massage. Although the texture is inviting, you shouldn’t let the kids play or lounge on it. Organic weave rugs will be healthier for you and your family. they are less likely to trap allergens, thanks to their rope-like construction. These rubs can be found in vibrant oriental colors like neutral beige. They visually accentuate one’s senses.

Nylon Rugs

Your nylon rug is a hide-all-spots kind of rug. No need to spend your time obsessing over wine stains or coffee. In addition to making entryways more accessible to wheelchairs, nylon rugs are flat and durable, making them ideal for under rocking chairs in nursery rooms. Though they are easy to clean using as they resist dirt.

Faux Hide & Fur Rugs

Artificial hide rugs aren’t durable like their real counterparts because they are made from synthetic materials. Furs and hides made from synthetic materials will last less than those made of animal hides and furs, making them better choices for a first apartment or a room that will be repainted frequently. Faux rugs look like the real deal but they actually aren’t. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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