How to Clean Doormats?

How to Clean Doormats
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Doormats are the most useful things a home should have! But once you get your doormat home, it will usually start to get dirt on them which requires cleaning. Do you know, how to clean doormats? Some people might give it a little shake to remove the dirt but sometimes it needs deep cleaning. This is important not only to remove the dirt but to clean the diseases attached to your doormat. 

You must keep your doormat clean in order for it to continue to function as intended. Luckily, cleaning your doormat is fairly simple. However, depending on the material it is constructed of, cleaning your doormat will differ. If you do it incorrectly, you risk ruining it or performing poorly. We are listing a general method of cleaning the doormat.

Why You Should Clean Your Doormat?

Your doormat has welcomed every shoe and paw that has ever walked through your door. It, therefore, contains everything, including allergies, road grime, fragments of decomposing mulch, and allergens. The doormats can even harbor ticks or fleas if you have pets. You can keep the dirt and debris to a minimum by regularly cleaning. This is the reason we are here to tell you how to clean doormats. 

Pick a doormat that successfully removes dirt from shoes and paws and is moderately simple to clean. Before entering your home, make sure it is long enough for shoes. Remember choosing a doormat is a tougher process than cleaning so choose wisely. Choose a material for a doormat that is easy to clean.

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Things Needed to Clean a Doormat

Before cleaning, you must know the materials that can be helpful in cleaning these doormats. When it’s time to clean, these three items will be helpful: 

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A garden hose
  • Mild dish soap. 

Depending on their cleaning technique, some people use baking soda, a broom or scrub brush, and a clothesline. Read the instructions mentioned on the devices or materials that you are using for cleaning. Cleaning the mats should be regular or repeated after a certain period of time. You can set a schedule to clean the doormat.

Steps to Clean the Doormat

Many people out there never clean their doormats. Yes, this is true. Some people never clean their doormats which can result in not only a dirty home but also the introduction of germs and viruses that could make your family unwell.

Here, after consulting the experts, we have listed some of the general steps of how to clean doormats.

Step 1- Shake it Out

Shaking out your doormat is the first practical step to think about while washing it without water. Pick it up so that it hangs lengthwise above the ground. Then, shake it out with all of your strength. For an added boost, you can hit the mat with a brush to help remove some of the dust. Remember to shake the doormat outside of your house to avoid dust in your house.


Step 2 – Brush it Out

Some of the dirt and dust can be manually removed using the bristles of a broom. The bristles can aid in capturing and aggressively removing tenacious particles lodged in the mat’s fabric. The mat can be kept clean using a standard broom or a tiny, hand-held stiff-bristled brush to comb out the dirt.

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Step 3 – Use a Vacuum

Keep in mind that you can use your household vacuum to help you complete the process when learning how to clean an outdoor doormat. The best cleaning equipment for your coir mat is a vacuum. It will be able to simply and effectively penetrate the mat’s deep fibers and fissures to restore it to like-new condition. The additional benefit of vacuuming is that it prevents your doormat from “shedding” and losing its efficacy.

Similar to the broom, you can sweep the mat numerous times to make sure all the dust is removed. When you don’t have time to manually brush out the dirt or you want to save energy by doing it yourself, you can use this method. You may rest easy knowing that you have entirely removed the dirt by using a vacuum cleaner.

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Best Method for Washing Doormat

Although it’s generally not advised to launder your doormats in a washing machine, you may still use water to carefully remove any dirt or persistent stains. Using a bristles brush and a solution of water and baking soda, manually brush the dirt away. Water should be added repeatedly until the mat is clean. Even better, you can choose to clean the mat with just water and a stiff-bristled brush instead of any cleaning powders. If you want to preserve the mat in good shape, you should carry out this cleaning procedure by hand.


Overall, it’s critical to maintain a clean doormat. You can follow these easy yet powerful tips on how to clean doormats to keep your mat useful and even aesthetically pleasing. You should always vacuum it or scrub it down with water to clean it. If you take care of your mat, you won’t need to replace it as frequently. You can also buy various varieties of customized doormats that are specifically designed by experts and you can also customize them according to your area and choice. Call +86 13613866590 to book your order now.

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