Know the Best Area Rug Ideas for Bedroom

area rug ideas for bedroom
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Rugs are one of the finest methods to achieve the goal of having your bedroom look warm and comfortable space to sleep in. Rugs add warmth, flair, and texture to any room, but the bedroom benefits most from their presence. Your bedroom can be made more cohesive by adding a rug. They also bring more color and visual appeal, and they can add some warmth to your cold, harsh hardwood floor. Keep reading this blog, to know about some amazing area rug ideas for bedroom.

Rugs are one of the finest methods to achieve the goal of having your bedroom look warm and inviting in addition to making it a warm and comfortable space to sleep in. Each person has distinct interior design ideas for their bedroom. Some individuals could prefer a modest décor and hence want a neutral bedroom rug, while others might need a larger rug in bolder hues to serve as the bedroom’s focal point. Choose what best suits your room!

What to Consider Before Considering a Rug

Given the variety of styles available, picking a bedroom rug is a fun component of any bedroom. Here are some pointers mentioned that you must consider before buying a rug. 

  • To add warmth underfoot, place tiny, deep pile rugs by the side of the bed. 
  • Alternatively, a bigger feature rug can completely transform the look and feel of a space. 
  • Prefer a color that perfectly matches your wall, bed and tables.
  • Or, you can choose a distinct color from everything and give your room a lively effect.
  • Most importantly consider the material of the rug. The rug must be easy to wash, easy to use and durable. 

area rug ideas for bedroom

Best Area Rug Ideas for Bedroom

Setting a Rug in a room and anchoring the rest of the space is one of the greatest places to start decorating your room. A lovely bedroom rug can serve as a palette for the rest of the space. Read out these amazing rug ideas that you can use for decorating your room. 

1. Simple White Carpet

You can’t go wrong with traditional white bedroom ideas if you’re trying to make a place of peace where you can retreat after a hard day. This white rug is placed underneath the bed and has a pretty thick pile, providing plush softness when you wake up in the morning. It also contrasts well with the dark bedspread along with dark furniture.

Ideal For – Light Interior Designed room.

2. Add a Colorful Rug 

Introducing hot color and pattern through fabrics, soft furnishings, and rugs can be a terrific alternative if you love them but are hesitant to use their wall-to-wall. Some home demonstrates, adding a colorful geometric rug in a simple colorful bedroom can instantly brighten up a neutral scheme. The contrast colors always look amazing when it comes to attractiveness.

Ideal For – Airy neural design of a room

3. Go for Strips 

Simple striped carpets & rugs add a beautiful touch without dominating space and are a fantastic option for a bedroom where establishing a relaxing ambiance is important. In addition to bringing structure and order to a room, stripes can also refocus the viewer’s attention. They add a touch of understated elegance and sophistication to an interior design plan, especially when used in classic bedroom designs. 

Ideal For – Large Relaxing Bedrooms

area rug ideas for bedroom

4. Floral Design 

Looking to make a bedroom more dramatic and opulent? Bold flower room designs always work well. Try a repeat pattern and combine it with a light pastel color, if you adore florals but want something a little easier to live with. Floral design gives the room a beach-preferred look which enhances the cool effect on the room. The floral design also looks attractive when they are merged with the curtains.

Ideal For – Bedroom with a lot of natural sunlight

5. Bring Warmness to the Room

A sheepskin rug is a great choice if you want a warm & cozy place to put your feet on as you get out of bed. Small and portable, they instantly give coziness to hard floors, which is especially useful if you’re looking for small bedroom ideas. They are ideal for individuals searching for a peaceful, neutral tone because they add softness and mild texture.

Ideal For – Small Bedroom Design

area rug ideas for bedroom

6. Beach Vibes

You want a rug that complements the style of your bedroom if it has a coastal or seaside theme. We suggest a flat weave in a neutral shade that extends around a meter from underneath your bed. In this manner, your bed is nicely centered and you wake up on the carpeting. If your bed is made of white color, choose an earthy or beige shade; if it’s made of dark wood, choose a cream or perhaps a light blue flatweave. For bedrooms with beachy tones, use straightforward & neutral colors.

Ideal For – All kinds of Room Designs

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7. Double the Rug

Try doubling up a rug if you like the way it looks but it doesn’t come in the proper size for your room. Under a bed, two small carpets might be equally as attractive as one large one. Or, you can place a large carpet to cover the floor and place a small one above them to make it look more attractive. Doubling the rugs works better when you have a large room and you want to cover most of the area. 

Ideal For – Large Big Rooms

8. Go Traditional

This bedroom rug idea is effective if you want to make the rug the room’s center point or if you want it to coordinate with other interior design aspects. Dark reds and maroons are common in traditional rugs and complement both dark, warm color schemes and bright, airy color schemes. Traditional rugs also look better when you use old-graded materials for your home. 

Ideal For – Dark and light-colored rooms

area rug ideas for bedroom


The location of the rug should be taken into account when purchasing one for the bedroom. Before deciding where to put a rug in your bedroom, take measurements and plan the location. Large area rug ideas for bedroom must be placed below the bed frame and stick out at all ends look excellent in bigger bedrooms and master bedrooms. Smaller bedrooms, on the other hand, can benefit from smaller rugs placed close to the bed or farther out next to a dresser or desk to help further divide the space. 

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